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Road to Monteverde Closed for the Next 6 Weeks

Costa Rica News – If you have plans to visit Monteverde over the next six weeks, listen closely. You might want to delay your trip.

road construction costa rica monteverde 1It’s not that it’s not a fabulous place, because it really is unique and somewhat magical, but the getting there will be too tough.

The highway that goes there will be closed entirely from 6:30 am to 5 pm on Tuesday, and the construction will continue for the next month and a half. This affects the area between Santa Elena and Guacimal.

You may be wondering, aren’t there alternate routes? You can get around the highway by taking route 145, but this could add hours to your trip. The road is in ok condition, but it’s out of the way and there will be an immense amount of traffic.

The construction has already been adding at least 30 minutes to every trip, and that was when the road was only partially closed. The buses started making it an unofficial bathroom (in the mountains) and picture break, telling all the travelers to come back to the bus in 20 minutes (and letting them wander in the middle of nowhere).

It’s comforting to know that emergency vehicles can still get to Monteverde. They just need to coordinate with the project manager on duty to be allowed to transit the construction area with the help of security officers.


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