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Rip Curl Pro Live Stream Bells Beach Australia

Surfing Live Stream – For all of you who have ever watched Point Break……Bells Beach is where the final scene was shot. Bells Beach is an A-grade surf break & one of the world’s most famous beaches. It is a high performance right-hand reef break that features two unique reef sections: ‘Rincon’ & ‘The Bowl’.

The Bowl

bells beach rip curl pro 2013 1The Bowl feeds on big Southern Ocean swells and will hold waves up to the 15ft range (which it delivered at the unforgettable 1981 event). Long drawn-out carves and steep turns are the way to tame the Bowl’s powerful walls.


Rincon sees most of its action when the surf is in the 2-4ft range. Look out for the ‘Ford Expression Sessions’ when conditions are small, because the pros will be taking flight and chasing cash prizes.

The Event

Bells Beach is renowned for booming swells and the natural amphitheatre, where red clay cliffs drop into the powerful Great Southern Ocean, making an atmosphere unmatched anywhere in the world.

The iconic event boasts an Honour Roll of Champions that includes surfing legends from Mark Richards to Mick Fanning and Layne Beachley to Stephanie Gilmore. Only the world’s best win the Rip Curl Pro.

Live Stream 

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