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Reviving the Mangroves in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Coastal communities can now brag that they have successfully revived 100 hectares of mangrove swamp.

Mangroves are found at the end of river basins, at the mouth of rivers.

This reforestation is a huge achievement of the Blue Carbon Community Program of the Neotropical Foundation.

750 people and 11 schools were involved. Over two years, 105,000 seedlings were planted.

The coastal communities in Osa and Nicoya are committed to the country’s carbon neutrality goal. They have reforested 762 hectares but the survival rate is only 14%, so 106.68 hectares remain reforested.

This amount equals around 825,095 tons of carbon staying underground.

In addition to contributing to the mitigation of climate change, mangroves act as maternity wards for marine species as well as bring tourism and money to local communities.

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