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Retirees Taking in the Central American Games

Costa Rica Retirement – One of the dilemmas retirees face is what to do with their spare time. For the first time in their lives many people find themselves with a lot of time on their hands and boredom can be a factor. Fortunately, in Costa Rica there are many indoor and outdoor activities from which to choose to stay busy and happy.

2013 central american games 1The 2013 Central American Games are currently being held in San José, Costa Rica from 3 to 17 March 2013. They are the largest multi-sport event ever organized in the country. The games were officially inaugurated by Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla at the country’s new National Stadium. The lighter of the torch was swimmer Sylvia Poll, who won the silver medal at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. The opening ceremony was almost marred by a fire on the roof of the stadium. Otherwise it was a complete success.

Almost 3,000 athletes from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica are competing.The different sporting venues are being held at a variety of locations around San José. The teams are staying at local hotels like the Torremolinos (Honduras) and Raddison (El Salvador). I was at both hotels picking up some of my clients and saw many athletes from both delegations.

Some of the events being held are: Ajedrez (chess), Nado Sincronizado (synchronized swimming), Beisbol (baseball), Judo (judo), Esgrima (fencing), Fútbol (soccer), Fisioculturismo (body building), Fútbol Sala (indoor soccer), Gimnasia Artística (Gymnastics), Halterofilia (Weight Lifting), Patinaje (roller skating), Racquetball (racket ball), Balomano (handball), Softball (softball), Tenis de mesa (ping pong), and Voleibol de Playa (beach volleyball), Voleibol (volleyball) ciclismo de montaña (mountain biking), Karate (karate) and boexo (boxing).

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