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Restoring the Architecture of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – “Muñecas de Queque” is a challenge to transform old buildings, including homes, churches, and police stations. The Center for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage will strive to meet the goal this year.

inmaculada-concepcion-herediaThey’ll have to stretch a tight budget and find legal ways to conserve the restorations, such as penalties or those who do not uphold their promise to care for them. They intend to intervene in 15 buildings that were declared heritage infrastructure.

Their current estimation of costs is ¢ 2.791 million, but they only have ¢ 1.900 million. They hope that private donations will be made. One of the most anticipated restorations is Port Limon, which will cost ¢ 1,000 million. Also on the list are the Heredia Police Station and the Immaculate Conception Church.

The Center’s chief architect, Adrian Vindas, explained that these interventions will be made only to infrastructure in communities that can ensure maintenance and promise to properly care for the buildings. “If we can not ensure sustainability we will not intervene in the building. A case in point is the train station that a week after restoration was attacked by the mob,” he said.

A 2014 advertising campaign geared at making us more culturally aware of the importance of these sites will begin this month.


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