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Restoration of Costa Rica’s National Theater

Costa Rica Entertainment – The National Theater is going to undergo a surgery of sorts.

This restoration project will take care to conserve the historic property.

The internal works of the theater will be guarded with rigor as to not affect the historical or architectural essence of the national monument.

The reason for this restoration is that the building has operated without a fire policy since its opening 120 years ago. A fire attempt last year warned us of the urgency to get fire insurance in case of any accident.

In order to qualify for fire insurance the building must be brought up to certain modern codes.

This diligence involves changing the electrical system and making technological adjustments to the stage.

ICE will make the new electrical installation while US firm Schuler Shook will take responsibility for the structural work.

The main change that will be made to prevent accidents is adding a metal structure in addition to the wooden structure which supports the lights, curtains and acoustic shell to relieve it of some heat and weight.

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