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Rescue Team Steps in to Help Animal Victims of Hurricane in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A team of veterinarians and disaster relief experts from Humane Society International, (HSI) in conjunction with other NGO’s and government agencies touched down in Costa Rica after the country was terribly shaken when Hurricane Otto unleashed 100 mph winds and torrential downpour.

The expert HSI disaster responders are working with local animal welfare groups and other international organizations in affected areas to bring relief to the hundreds of thousands of animal victims of the hurricane. Natural disasters take a toll on animals, just like they do humans.

The animals now face starvation, dehydration, and illness – unless they get help fast.

If you’d like to contribute to the HSI’s disaster relief fund to help animals affected by Hurricane Otto and to help them respond to future disasters, you can donate here.

All Image Source: Humane Society International/Facebook

By Michelle Neff, One Green Planet



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