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Replenishing Costa Rica’s Rain Forests (Video)

A father and son are actually cultivating an earth-friendly transformation in Costa Rica through rebuilding part of the rain forest, making a brand new natural environment for wildlife as well as vegetation and supplying an income source for the local farm owners.

Leo and Stefan Pröstler costa ricaProject Goal: Forest management with financial, social and ecological advantages for locals and investors
Project size: around 2,500 hectares (of which around 1,000 hectares is reforested), more than 100 workers
Number of plant species: Around 30 different species, especially endemic ones

The father and son pair, Leo and Stefan Pröstler, operate in Costa Rica in preserving a number of the nation’s spectacular and endangered biodiversity through cultivating mixed forests. Funded through investors around the globe, the venture focuses primarily on planting endangered and disregarded tree species.

The fresh forest provides a natural environment for a variety of species of flora and fauna and also demonstrating a revenue stream for regional farmers. Through farming ginger, for example, in between the trees, the farmers will be aiding to improve the soil and additionally they can easily export the crop to Germany as soon as it is harvested.

For investors, the project is highly profitable. However they will only observe profits when the trees are chopped, sold and planted anew.

A film by Ruth Krause

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