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Renting From the Grim Reaper; Lack of Graveyard Space in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Due to the lack of space, the public cemeteries made a law which allows the owners of graves to rent the space to other families in order to bury their deceased loved ones.

costa rica graveyardsThe space problem is getting so bad that signs saying “for rent” are being placed inside the cemeteries.

The law allows the person who is renting the space to use it for 5 years and after that the deceased will be transferred to a common grave if the family hasn’t found a new space for the remains.

In the cities of the Central Valley such as San Jose, Alajuela and Heredia, the situation is critical.

It’s very hard to find land to build new cemeteries in the area, so they are exploring other places to try to find a solution.

Another option is to take back abandoned graves and give them to people and families that will give them the proper use and maintenance; of course this will be a short term solution while new land deals are made.


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