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Relocating & Shipping to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – Moving to a different country is usually exciting and exhilarating at first, but once the initial excitement wore off a bit you will find yourself a little scared and unsure of what the future holds for you. You will start questioning yourself if you are doing the right thing, how you are going to move all your stuff, do you have to ship all your possessions and other pertinent questions related to moving and Costa Rica relocation.

Do not be afraid, if you do your homework and keep in mind the real reason why you are moving, importing household items to Costa Rica can be smooth and actually painless.

Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide (Tips on Shipping to Costa Rica)

shipping-to-costa-rica-1What to Ship to Costa Rica

First things first, why are you moving to Costa Rica? Is it because of your job or do you want to move here to start a new and simple life? Most of the time, people move to Costa Rica because they want to start afresh, get away from the hectic life they have been leading and enjoy a simple life to pay more attention to what really matters; family, friends and personal enjoyment. If the reason you are relocating to Costa Rica is the same as that of the general public then your first step should be to downsize the items you are taking with you to Costa Rica by thinking about what items you can and can’t live without and bring the bare minimum. Remember that you do not have to pack much since you can get supplies from local or duty free stores – take note though that the inventory in Costa Rica is limited so some items may be difficult to find if not more costly than what you are used to.

Why should you be keen with the things you have to take with you to Costa Rica? Well aside from the fact that it is a little expensive to ship all your items to Costa Rica, you will be taxed insanely for import duties. In Costa Rica, anything newer than 6 months is taxed as a newly bought item so make sure to bring only used items. Other things you have to keep in mind is that you have to be 18 years of age or older to import products and you must have entered 60 days prior to importing your other household stuff.

Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide (Tips on Shipping to Costa Rica)

Personal items are evaluated with the lowest tax rate and these include clothes, shoes, CDs, purses, pictures and videos, furniture, household tools and portable gym equipment like muscular tension machines, walkers, bicycles etc; all other items are taxed as if brand new and are based on the original cost of the item, insurance and freight charges.

If you have a lot of things you have to take along with you to Costa Rica the most cost effective and reliable way of bringing them in is thru shipping. You can ship your household items in a 20 to 40-ft cargo container from the nearest port and pick it up at either Limon or Puntarenas port.

Shipping to Costa Rica costs may run from $6000-$15000 which includes tax, transportation and delivery to your new home.

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