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Relocating & Shipping to Costa Rica? 10 Things You Should Know

Costa Rica Shipping – It’s not an easy decision to move either your business or personal life to another country. You’ve spent months planning, picking the location to move to, deciding on your new offices but what about what you’re going to bring with you and how to get it to your new base or home?

Many people moving to Costa Rica simply sell their possessions to start fresh but unfortunately end up making a loss in a hurry to sell items ahead of their big move. Selling is, of course, one option. But what is the alternative?

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Here is our top 10 things you should know about shipping to Costa Rica

  • Electronics

Costa Rica is increasingly known for its high cost in electronics including TV’s, sound systems and games consoles. Shipping a standard 32” TV from the US or Canada can save you up to $500 instead of buying it new in Costa Rica.Furniture

  • FurnitureCargo sea port. Sea cargo cranes.

Unfortunately, Costa Rica hasn’t the same variety of furniture available as in the US or elsewhere. If you value your personal taste and existing furniture, it’s advisable to bring it with you as you may not be able to find a suitable replacement when you arrive. There is always San Jose, where the best deals and selections can be found, however, in most cases it can be a large distance away and you will likely pay large delivery costs.

  • Inventory

When shipping, it’s very important that you take accurate account of everything that you are sending to Costa Rica. If the details are incorrect, you risk your inventory being stopped and potentially facing additional fees.

  • US Customs Broker

Customs Brokers can help reduce the stress of shipping through handling the administration details. If possible, find a broker through referral from someone else who has gone through the process.

  • Costa Rican Customs Broker

Possibly the riskiest step you will take when shipping to Costa Rica. Make sure to check reviews and if possible, get first hand experiences from others before selecting a broker from Costa Rica. Many people have had items tied up in customs for extended periods of time due to poor quality brokers.

  • International Transport Company

Unfortunately, you will not receive a wholesale discount for shipping to Costa Rica that most shipping and relocation companies obtain. However, finding a reputable transportation company is rarely an issue.

  • Loading

Use industry professionals to load your container if possible. They will load it correctly to ensure no damage is done to your inventory and can ensure you get the maximum amount of use from your container. You are given 2 hours to load your container after which time you are charged a fee for each hour.

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  • Costa Rica Port

You will need to ensure that someone is present when your container arrives at port with all necessary documentation and complete instructions for the shipping company on where to place the container. This includes passports, packing list, invoice for contents. Check with officials before you greet the container to make sure you have everything you need.

  • Import Taxes

Taxes, taxes taxes. In order to secure the release of your container you will need to pay import taxes. These taxes are usually paid by your Costa Rican Customs broker which is why the selection of this individual is important. Best practice is to ensure you ask for the separation of taxes and shipping so it is clear what you will have to pay.

  • Getting your Goods Home

Once your container has been released you are free to transport your goods to your final location. It is best to get local workers to load and transport your goods from this point on.

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