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Rejection of Single Use Plastic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – More and more Costa Rican businesses are rejecting single-use plastic, a measure that seeks to reduce the environmental impact as well as educate consumers.

These single use plastics include bags, straws, stirrers and disposable tableware.

Some of the businesses making a difference include Automercado, Musmanni, Gollo and La Curacao. On June 5th, the Ministries of Environment and Health, along with the United Nations Developmental Program, announced an intention to provide other packaging materials that are renewable, compostable and quickly degraded.

The goal is that, by 2021, 80% of public institutions, municipalities and businesses will have replaced these materials with options that have a lower environmental impact. 4,000 tons of waste are generated daily in the country and 11% of this is plastic, a fact that must change so that our rivers and streams are not so polluted.

Businesses are joining the campaign and a logo tells consumers which companies participate. One example of a change is that customers in Plaza Coyol are offered compostable, 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly paper straws.

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