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Red Mafia Strike; Taxi Drivers Do Not Want New Meters

Costa Rica News – Taxi drivers have been opposing the mandatory taximeters with audible speakers for three years now and it seemed they were losing the fight, however, they plan to protest on July 1, so maybe that will change.

According to a new law, taxis can not pass the technical review, which they must do twice per year, without a new type of taximeter that speaks the price for the visually impaired.

The regulation was announced three years ago but will be enacted on July 1.

The change is from the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber 19376.

All taxis that will be concessioned or renewed must have the audible taximeter.

The arguments against this include that the country lacks a sufficient supply of the taximeters to carry out a general change of equipment and that the cost is too high, ranging from ¢150,000 to ¢440,000, depending on whether it is an adjustment to existing meters or the purchase of a new one.

The real question is are they not wanting the new meters for the cost, or is it because they are going to have to figure out how to rig the new ones to over charge clients.

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