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Red Cross Asking for Donations for Cubans Stranded in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Attention friends of Costa Rica and Cuba and all those who feel for fellow humans in need! The Costa Rican Red Cross is in urgent need of help. They are asking for donations to help address the needs of Cuban immigrants who are stranded in Costa Rica.

cubans stranded in costa ricaThe Red Cross is taking care of at least 3,445 Cubans who were turned away from Nicaragua. The group just wants to pass through and get to their families and jobs in the U.S. Nicaragua turned them away forcefully even using teargas on children.

Costa Rica’s emergency management teams and the Red Cross are doing all they can to provide for the basic needs of these people. I was there on day 1 of the crisis and supplies were extremely limited. Now 18 days have passed and thousands more people are in this predicament so I can only imagine.

Can you picture living in a shelter for 18 days? Some of them are just roofed areas without walls, without showers. The people need help.

There are collection centers for donations in Desamparados, Liberia and La Cruz. Your humanitarian assistance to the immigrant population passing through our country would be greatly appreciated.

Putting aside political views, keep in mind that this is not a “crisis” or a “social problem,” rather a group of people just like us. They didn’t chose what country to be born in and they have paid a tremendous price to make the best of the limited options they have.

Financial donations can be made to the Red Cross at Banco Nacional 100100-7 or Banco de Costa Rica 176003-3.

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