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Recycled Plastic Streets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The roads of Puntarenas have been long neglected by the government in Costa Rica. Trucks pass by schools and homes creating a huge cloud of dust coming off the dirt roads, negatively affecting the community.

recycled plastic streets costa ricaIn addition to the ugly look of dirt flying through the air at all times, it distracts students, affects breathing and causes disease to the population of 5,000.

A new project will help at least 1,500 locals attain a better quality of life.

LANAMME and UCR are coming together with private companies and the community to make the first recyclable plastic streets in the nation. Three tons of plastic have already been collected for the effort.

The material is to be crushed and mixed with asphalt. This shredded plastic is expected to extend the life of the road by 15 years.

The first such roads to be created will happen in front of schools, in the hopes that the occurrence of severe coughs and asthma among students and teachers will decrease.

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