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Recope’s Cost of Gas; Retirement, Unemployment & Pensions

Costa Rica News – Let’s talk about another way that Recope passes on their inefficient business practices into you.  

recope gas prices costa ricaThe Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery, known as Recope, is making changes to its approach to retirement, unemployment, and pensions.

Currently, 1,839 employees are able to receive 20 years of benefits when they leave the company.

The company spent ¢11,100 million over the last five years on paying legal benefits of 436 employees, those who retired from 2010-2014.

This year the company will record an adjustment to unemployment benefits, costing them ¢26,000.

Many companies, both governmental and private, offer just eight years of benefits.

Recope used to offer 23, but this was deemed unconstitutional. The maximum allowed since 2013 is 20.

Recope’s collective agreement covers details such as wages, bonuses, Christmas bonuses, allowances, unemployment, and the policies that differ for those in upper management.


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