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Ready to Get Drunk? Pacquiao Versus Mayweather; The Drinking Game

Entertainment News – For many that are in Costa Rica, the labor day holiday weekend means heading to the beach and blowing off some work week stress. For many this involves drinking.

Tonight the bars will be packed as it is an incredible day of sports. The Kentucky Derby, Game 7 Spurs and Clippers, the NFL draft and of course “The Fight of the Century”. mayweather pacquiao drinking game

If you are not passed out before the fight after the holiday festivities, the sports and partying with friends. Then the Mayweather Pacquiao Drinking Game should knock you on your ass.

The games are catching fire on social media … and although they vary in the rules and conditions of the swallowing of the booze, it’s clear that everyone who participates WILL BE HAMMERED.

Here are the rules to one of the more popular games making the rounds at the moment:

— If Justin comes out with a stupid grin on his face 1 shot.
— Every time they show a celebrity in the crowd 1 shot.
— If they mention Floyd’s dad 2 shots.
— If they mention Manny’s politcal career 2 shots.
— If they mention Mike Tyson dissing Floyd 3 shots.
— If the winner DOESN’T thank God first 3 shots.
— 4 shots for a punch below the belt.
— 5 shots for a draw.
— 5 shots if Pacman gets knocked out.
— Finish the bottle if Mayweather gets knocked out.

Happy boozing fight fans.
Rules and Pic from TMZ

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