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Rainy Season Expected to Be Less Rainy in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all those that enjoy the afternoon showers during rainy season in Costa Rica, you may not need your umbrella as much as past years.

rainy season costa rica 1It had been forecast that the rainy season this year would be more intense due to the impact of La Niña phenomenon and the capital city, San Jose, would be one of the most affected.

However, as you may yourself have noticed it hasn’t been raining much. Not like it was expected or even supposed to.

According to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) – national weather service – n

The La Niña has not been as strong as expected. Not yet, anyways. The worst months of the rainy season, that is the months with the greatest amount of rainfall, September and October, are ahead of us.

IMN weather specialist Daniel Poleo explained that, despite the low rainfall up to now, we should see the full effects of La Niña – that is intense rains – in the coming weeks.

The specialist says we should be prepared.

What is your take on the rainy season this year? Has it been raining in your area? How do you prepare for the heavy rains?

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