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Pura Vida Wellness; Costa Rica’s New Tourism Strategy

Costa Rica Tourism & Travel – The ICT has launched a strategy meant to position the country as a tourist welfare destination, meaning that it offers options in harmony with the environment and things like relaxation techniques.

The Pura Vida Wellness strategy was developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

It is one of the ways the organization is trying to diversify its tourism offering. Part of this offering includes tasting native gastronomy and realizing outdoor activities.

Today’s global wellness tourism market is worth $494 billion and it’s estimated that these tourists spend 130% more than the average tourist.

Costa Rica is already known for nature and adventure and now the ICT wants it to become known for wellness activities too.

This “product” can be offered throughout the seasons and in all parts of the country. This can be a catalyst for social and economic growth in communities.

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