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Pura Vida Space Exploration; Six Costa Ricans Going to NASA

Costa Rica News – Valeria Salazar often dreamed of a space-related career such as working with NASA.

costa ricans and nasa 1She is on her way to making that dream a reality by making a trip there. The student was invited with five other youth to visit in October.

The Monge Foundation was extended the chance to invite six young people to the event which fosters student leadership as well as employability. It is an initiative that supports youth in poverty in their secondary education.

GOES-R is a mission that they will observe. It marks a breakthrough in the geostationary meteorological observational capabilities we have. This program will have clearer images and get four images per hour instead of one every three hours.

The students and their parents cried hearing the news that their efforts are paying off and they will get to watch the launch of the new weather satellite.

Seeing a rocket takeoff is a dream come true.

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