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Puppy Versus Crab in Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News-  (UPI) — Take your bets, take your bets…who wins the puppy or the crab in Costa Rica? This could be better than watching a UFC fight, at least a lot cuter.

A Costa Rica pet owner captured video of a bull terrier puppy’s fascination with a red crab that seems like it would rather give the canine a pinch.

The video shows a bull terrier puppy named Jerry facing off against the red crab on a brick road in Bagaces.

The puppy jumps and lunges toward the crab, which raises up its pincers in defense as it backs away.

Jerry appears enamored with the crab, but manages to keep a safe enough distance while playing that he narrowly avoids being pinched on the nose.

By Ben Hooper, UPI

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