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Puntarenas On Again/Off Again Carnival is Back On

Costa Rica News & Events – Open up the beer cans, tune the guitars, it is time to resume the party in Puntarenas.  

Puntarenas CarnivalPuntarenas had two days of uncertainty about whether or not they’d be able to resume the carnivals.

After waiting until the last minute to get their permits and not doing so, they have now met the safety requirements requested by authorities and are now cleared to continue.

They had to introduce a new security plan, with three times the number of security officers. These 150 officials will provide safety to the thousands of attendees expected at the carnivals.

It was the Ministry of Health that approved the new plan and gave the final permission to the Pro Puntarenas Beach Association (Asoplaya), the group organizing the festivities, yesterday.

The Ministry of Health may still denounce the disobedience of the organizers and municipality, however, because they started the festivities last weekend without having the correct authorization to do so.

Let’s hope next year they plan ahead a little better so there are no hiccups but that might mean changing the culture of Costa Rica, which is not going to happen anytime soon.


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