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Public Defender Rips Apart Costa Rica Animal Protection Bill

Costa Rica News – With the Costa Rican government most recently granting permits to allow shark fin exportation from a country that “banned” this practice through legislation that was signed in front of Sir Richard Branson.  Everything just seems like more smoke and mirrors to try to make the public believe in Costa Rica’s  “Green” image.  

costa rica animal protection 1Well we are no longer buying into the garbage coming out of your mouths and the Costa Rica’s Public Defender is tearing apart another piece of unenforceable legislation that pertains to animal protection in the land of “Pura Vida.” 

Protecting animals is something important to most Costa Ricans. Congress has been working on a bill that would allow for imprisonment of one to three years for anyone who mistreats an animal without justification.

While Public Defender Iris Marta Muñoz applauds the idea of toughening penalties she is afraid the bill’s current wording is unconstitutional, unenforceable, and disproportionate.

Her ten page report warned of disproportionality in both cost and proposed processes to punish those who are accused of animal abuse.

She outlined the process that would need to be followed and the costs involved in doing forensic studies on cases involving animals.

The cost to the state for a preliminary hearing, trial and appeal would be ¢6.665.157.

Congress is reworking the text, amending it so that respect for animal life is ensured while avoiding the difficulties and costs of legal processes.

Perhaps we should have someone review all bills and legislation that is signed by the Costa Rican government that actually cares about the population and is not in the back pocket of China. This public defender has the right idea, review the garbage coming out of the government and correct it before money is spent on trying to enforce the unenforceable. 




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