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Providing Love & Hope for a Community; Cen-Cinai Jaco (Video)

Costa Rica News – Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.Humphry Davy

Each day as we get older it seems like we focus more and more on daily frustrations that make us think like the world is out to get us. But how difficult really are the problems we face on a day to day basis? We should see everything in our lives as a blessing and we should know that there are so many more that have much tougher hardships than us.

cen_cinai_jaco 2This past Thursday I had the joy of spending the morning with an incredible group of children. It was amazing seeing the happiness in each of their eyes as they went on their monthly beach clean-up. Something that many would see as a chore instead of a wonderful activity that helps the community of Jaco.

As the trash that was dumped on the beach by locals and tourists was collected by the children you could feel the unity and the bond of the children that were being given a chance for a better future by Cen-Cinai.

Cen-Cinai is the National Center for Education and Child Nutrition and Comprehensive Care Centers. They are the ones responsible for the nutritional status of mothers and children and for ensuring the proper development of children who are living in poverty or high risk situations.

Cen-Cinai aims to provide quality day care and child protection, in addition to nutrition. They also focus on the family and help promote responsible care at home. They see that it takes a village to raise a child. The guardians and professionals come together to create a better life for the children and low income families.

The Cen-Cinai began all the way back in 1946, when childhood malnutrition was identified as a health problem. UNICEF came on board a few years later, promising to provide food to pregnant women and children up to age 7. The first nutrition center was created in 1952. Preschool education was added to the services offered at the centers. The centers are open 12 hours a day. There are currently 617 establishments catering to the needs of 171,890 kids and moms.

Cen-Cenai Jaco surrounds the children in the area living in poverty with an environment that offers them the same type of opportunities as other children. They are taught school curriculum classes as well as the importance of recycling and community involvement.

We should all take example from groups like Cen-Cenai and the children in its program. Even with all the hardships that each of these children goes through daily, they have so much joy and passion for life.

Thank you Cen-Cenai for showing me again what is important in life……….

For more information about Cen-Cenai visit their webpage here or Cen-Cenai Jaco’s Facebook Page.

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