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Protests Against Costa Rica’s Planned Hydroelectric Plant

Costa Rica News – The residents of Acosta are refusing to accept the construction of a new hydroelectric plant in their town because of the harm it would cause.

Pacific Hydropower costa rica hydroelectric power 1They are standing together, ready to be thrown in jail before allowing the plant to be constructed.

The project has been promoted since 2009 but the company, Pacific Hydropower, has not been able to get it started. The plant is to have 43 megawatts of installed capacity and make energy from water.

The plant would consist of a dam on the river, a six kilometer tunnel and a powerhouse.

It is of interest to ICE to optimize the basin, generating power with minimal environmental impact.

Nonetheless, the community would be affected. Neighbors point to other similar facilities and the problems that surround them.

They fear that they would be drained of their water supply and that strangers would be attracted to the dam and the town. On the other hand, the plant may bring jobs to the area and provide a higher level of infrastructure.


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