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Protecting Your Home Against Dengue & Chikungunya Mosquitoes

Costa Rica News – It’s no longer enough to empty outside containers of water, you must also check inside your home for places that can breed the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the one that transmits dangerous diseases.

dengue breeding placesTo avoid allowing dengue and chikungunya carrying mosquitoes into your home and around your family, it’s suggested that you remove old tires, clean canoes and store them upside down, and empty all containers in your garden that collect rainwater. You probably already knew that.

But did you think about the water left around the sink after you wash dishes? Store washed glasses and bowls upside down and frequently empty the tray that catches the water. Empty the cup that holds your toothbrush. Cover the buckets of emergency water you keep in the kitchen or laundry room. Lastly, leave a towel over the glass of drinking water on your night table.

The mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in shady areas with water that doesn’t move, and especially if there are branches in the water. If you keep vases with flowers, herbs floating in water to keep fresh, or bowls of drinking water for your pets, change the water daily. Don’t forget to wash the containers thoroughly before adding more water, just in case there were any eggs laid there.

It may be time consuming to take such care of all the water in and around your home, but remember that the chikungunya virus can leave you in pain for three years. It’s very important to curb the breeding of these mosquitoes.

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