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Prisoner Comes Home to Find the Mummified Body of his Wife at Home

Weird News – If you get sent to prison or away to some place where you have to communicate with your significant other by either phone, email, or snail mail and all of a sudden the communication stops, do not get too mad at her before you get back. 

A man released from prison returned home to find his wife dead and her body in such an advanced stage of decay it had been mummified.

The Spanish man, identified as Eduardo R, had not heard from his wife Angeles Fernandez for nearly two years.

Neighbours in Ciempozuelos, near Madrid, made multiple complaints about the smell coming from the flat. but a judge had refused to allow anyone to enter the home due to previous complaints about the woman’s hygiene.

Her husband made his first complaint whilst incarcerated in September 2011, saying he had not heard anything from her for a year.

Despite the reported lack of communication and several requests from the town police and the Civil Guard to enter the home due to the smell, the judge still refused to allow entry.

‘The lack of hygiene of Angeles Fernandez, on the last occasions that she was seen, was evident and so it was not ruled out that these smells were produced by lack of hygiene inside the home,’ local authorities told FoxNews.

It was not until her husband, on leave from prison, arrived at their home last week and found the body on the bed after knocking down the door.

According to local government reports, it was argued that not even the husband had authorisation to enter the home ‘since he did not have a relationship with his wife due to his situation of serving a sentence.’

The mummified body bore no signs of violence, although authorities will carry out an autopsy to determine cause of death.

How would you have liked to have been one of her neighbors living with that stench?

From – – Mail Online

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