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Prison Inmates Learning to Program in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Inmates are changing their future options and doing things they never imagined would be possible via a new pilot program that teaches them about programming, specifically HTML5.

computer programming costa ricaThe language they are learning is used to structure content on the web. Those involved in the class hope to work in web design upon leaving the prison.

Those chosen have already reached the 8th or 9th level of education offered in the prison and have been chosen for their good behavior.

The class started in December and is, oddly, conducted without Internet access. Security measures inside the prison prevent uncontrolled Internet access so a practice, controlled network was set up just for the class.

The class meets once a week for four hours but there are plans to increase the amount of time in the laboratory so that they can develop more capabilities and learn how to use more tools. The work is done voluntarily, proving that those involved have the necessary work ethic to make it in the field.

Ir is a great program, let’s just hope they do not use the education to start hacking.

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