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President Chinchilla States She Will Make PANI More Efficient and Watch Finances

Costa Rica News – Everything about this statement that Laura Chinchilla made is a joke to me.  Her and her government making anything more efficient does not go in the same sentence.  Also the same goes for her and her band of bandits being in charge of any more finances is idiotic to me.  Where is the 8 million from China? The child porn that was found at one of the PANI offices, what happened there?

The President said that in her travels to different parts of the country found that the PANI, the National Children’s Trust, did not give a timely response when there were suspicions or allegations of abuse to minors. I agree this is a serious problem but how does more government involvement help? This is like the USA thinking that they can spend money better  and more efficiently than the private sector.

Thus, the President justified the firing of the CEO of PANI, Marielos Hernandez Corella.

The president explained that the internal environment in PANI does not allow the organization to go at the speed that is required.

Chinchilla said she recognized she will help clean up the financial part of the institution and how it took some complaints internally in the organization to get this done.

The President said that, immediately, she will find a replacement for the position and a person with experience in public service. Which one of her band of bandits will she insert into this position where more money can be siphoned off?

So this government of Chinchilla is going to pick someone to be CEO of this government entity and also watch over the finances.  What is wrong with that sentence?

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