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Pregnant Women & The Zika Virus in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health has recommended to the CAJA that they send technicians to each and every home that has a pregnant women. The reason for going house to house would be to teach the families how to protect against the Zika virus.

zika virus pregnant womenThe visits should include information about how to prevent mosquito bites, which is the transmitter of the disease.

Precautions include using mosquito nets as well as repellents and wearing clothes that cover much of the skin.

The health care technicians should review homes and properties and make sure that any potential breeding grounds are removed. These include just about anything that collects water.

Pregnant women are the most at risk group because this disease has caused children of those infected to be born with microcephaly. It is possible to be infected and not show any signs.

Prevention of mosquito bites is essential.

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