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Potential Casino and Sportsbook Tax in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica– If Costa Rica is looking to try to push one of the biggest employers and revenue generating businesses out of Costa Rica, this would be step one. The bill to create a tax on profits from the casinos and betting call centers arose today in the Financial Affairs Committee and was is a preliminary discussion in the legislature.

The Congress meeting ended this afternoon pending motions that slowed the progress of the plan in plenary. Now the project can be discussed and voted on the first of two debates once the commission issues the relevant report.

The new tax plan aims to generate resources for public safety programs.

The project is discussed in the record raises 17,551 and a tax equivalent to 10% on net profits rise to the casinos.

In addition, it provides for a tax equal to 60% of basic salary of the category of auxiliary 1 of the judiciary, ie a salary of ¢ 360,000 for each table and the 10% of that salary range for each slot machine.

Call centers for gambling tax variable  depends on the number of employees of companies.

When the firm has up to 50 employees, the tax would be 57 minimum wages, (¢ 20.5 million), companies with 51 to 99 employees, pay wages equivalent to 85 base (¢ 30.6 million and signatures more than 100 workers would pay the base salaries totaling 113 (¢ 40.6 million).

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