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Possible Bus Strike Coming to Costa Rica Thursday

Costa Rica News – Rural bus companies throughout the country are upset with new tariffs set by Aresep and they threaten to protest on Thursday on all the main access roads to San Jose if the Government does not open a dialogue table to discuss the new tariff model.

The carriers claim, rightfully so, that the new model hurts them because it is clearly designed for routes with higher passenger demand.

Routes in rural areas obviously have a lower demand.

The leader of the group explains that last Wednesday they met with the Ministry of Transport and delivered a document asking for dialogue between them and the Public Transport Council, Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Public Services Regulatory Authority.

Since no promises were made, if nothing gets resolved the group will be forced to manifest.

A press conference will be held at 3 pm tomorrow to announce the details of the demonstration. Paralyzing the routes would affect 60,000 people.

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