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¿Por Qué No?; Artists Come to Costa Rica’s National Museum

Costa Rica Entertainment News – There’s a group called ¿Por Qué No? that is changing the art world and offering a display at the National Museum. The group of artists take silver, gold, granite, jewels and metals and transform them with imagination.

Por Qué No museo nacional costa ricaEach of the artists finds a way to shine all the while contributing to the common goal of creating slightly pre-Columbian images, like jaguars, mixed with modern tastes and styles.

The various works allude to mystical places in Costa Rica, indigenous traditions of chiefdom, thoughts about the underworld and overworld, the origin of the earth, feminine and masculine powers, and archeological sites, among other intriguing topics.

The works consist of many art forms and materials including wax carving, construction, gold foiling, jewelry, photography, and wire work. The one I’m most excited to see is Sonia Esquivel Chaverri’s piece that hints to the positions that the stone spheres have in relation to the stars.

The groups’ work has already been displayed at the Institute of Mexico, Atlantic Station, Sophia Wanamaker Gallery, Costa Rican Art Museum, Avenida Escazu, Lincoln Plaza, and even an artists’ house in Paris. You can now view the works at the National Museum until the 31st.

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