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Popular “The House of the Spirits” Returns to Costa Rica This Weekend

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Last year the Trueba family came on stage at the Expressive Theater for the very first time.

The House of the Spirits costa ricaThey brought over 10,000 spectators into the magic of “The House of the Spirits,” an adaptation of an Isabel Allende novel.

Now for their second season the expectations are high.

You can get your chance to see the performance Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 8pm or on Sunday at 6pm. The ticket prices range from ¢10,000 to ¢15,000.

There are only two cast member changes, so many of you will be familiar with the actors and characters from last year.

Now that so much of the audience is familiar with the premise, the cast will make it a richer, more emotionally charged work.

The narrative is enhanced with visual resources and sound effects. The work is huge yet intimate. The scenes are so moving they almost cast a spell on the audience.

The group is also considering making an adaptation of a great Latin American writer, but did not provide details.

To Find Out More Visit Teatro Exprsessivo’s Website


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