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Popular Retirement Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement News – Many U.S. retirees are moving as far as Southeast Asia to afford a better quality of life on their fixed incomes. That might be too much of a change for you; it would be too much for me. Costa Rica is a great option closer to home.

It offers great health care, a low cost of living, a beautiful climate, and democratic security. Modern amenities cheap-retirement-places-costa-ricameet a pleasant old-world friendly culture in this country that attracts thousands of expats annually. If you are considering starting over in this paradise you have a number of towns to choose from.

Here are some that are already popular with expat retirees:

  • Samara, Guanacaste is on a strip of white sand. It’s a paradise for sport fishing enthusiasts and birdwatchers.
  • Tamarindo, Guanacaste is for active people. It’s an urban beach town where natural beauty is backed with bars and restaurants. 
  • Montezuma, Puntarenas is for the bohemian crowd. Breezy open air shops and restaurants are everywhere. Swimming holes and waterfalls are nearby. 
  • Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas is home to the best national park which includes a beautiful beach that monkeys visit frequently.
  • Jaco, Puntarenas is a bustling beach town with gated communities. You can mix the busy beach town activities with a peaceful and private home featuring many amenities. 
  • Santa Ana, San Jose is very upscale. If you are looking for a luxury condo near the capital, this is the place for you.
  • Escazu, San Jose is next to Santa Ana. It’s full of golf courses, country clubs, and VIP movie theaters. 
  • Moravia, San Jose is a much more affordable option near the city. Live next to locals and learn the culture. This artistic town is minutes from the capital. 
  • Paraiso, Cartago’s name means “paradise.” It is the best place to find fresh food and enchanting botanical gardens. 
  • Puerto Viejo, Limon is on the Caribbean coast and is Costa Rica’s most laid back area. Listen to reggae roots music all day from a hammock on the beach. Although recently it has received a negative image because of crime in the area.

There are multiple towns where a retiree can set up shop in Costa Rica. Finding your “new home” will depend on what kind of weather you want as well as what activities you want to be around.  Finding a place you fit in and people you want to socialize with is important when choosing your final retirement destination in Costa Rica.

If you want to check out a few places before spending your retirement money on a house in Costa Rica, some people decide to take a Costa Rica retirement tour.

If you are interested in a Retirement Tour Click Here to See Costa Rica Retirement Tours.

By Kerry La

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One Comment;

  1. Parritaman said:

    The one thing I do not understand about Costa Rica’s gated communities is why the homes constructed inside those compounds are so huge and expensive. A retirement home for an elderly couple doesn’t need to be any larger than 600 square feet, with an outside covered area. A home of that size should not cost more than $80. per square foot, as those men constructing the homes earn far less than $5. per hour. Building lots in Costa Rica cost more per square foot than we pay here in Canada, what’s that all about? I think developers of these gated communities in Costa Rica should start constructing smaller “retirement size” homes, and be more realistic about what the lots are actually worth. Everyone I’ve lured down to Costa Rica to consider retiring here has said “Are you kidding me”, I’m not paying these prices in a developing country. They also indicated that the cost of living in Costa Rica is the same as Canada, for the exception of property taxes. I think the cost of cars and the excessive import taxes on almost all products also turned them off Costa Rica. My only real beef living here is the cost of electricity, we can only afford to use the AC at night.

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