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Pops Ice Cream Bought by Colombian Firm Nutresa

Costa Rica News – Well I hope they do not take away my favorite flavor brownie dinamita, but they can get rid of those terrible all white uniforms that they make the employees wear.  

What was a rumor for months was confirmed on December 26 when it was announced that the Colombian company  Nutresa had purchased 100% of the shares of the American company Franchising Corp (AFC), which owns the ice cream franchise Pops, which are located throughout Costa Rica.

With the closing of this deal, the South American giant gets the 180 POPS stores distributed throughout Central America and in the state of Florida.

The amount of this transaction is approximately $ 110 million, according to information released Wednesday by Nutresa in a press release of “relevant information” for its investors.

Pops is operation in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Miami.

As part of the business of sale also included the plant where dairy products are manufactured, coffee shops Entrepans and incense to distribute the products of Haagen Dazs and General Mills (Nature Valley, Betty Crocker and Chex Mix).

Yesterday, Carlos Abreu, president in Costa Rica Pops (American Ice Cream Co.) confirmed that Nutresa will take over the business on the 1st January and that from then on all business will be coordinated directly with the new owner, whose offices are located in Bogota, Colombia.

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