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Ponderosa Adventure Park in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – There is something about Costa Rica that leaves you wanting more, and it is exactly that which allows you to experience the same tour adventures just as if it was the first time.

ponderosa-adventure-park-1Canopy is an adrenaline pumping experience on its own, but when your feet leave the ground and you are zip-lining through centuries of preserved forest wild life there is nothing to compare. This is one of the attractions at Ponderosa Adventure Park, in El Salto, Liberia.

It was once a park that captivated the attention of visitors with the exposure to African species such as zebras, giraffes, emus, ostriches and dromedaries. Now, the Safari cart is only one of the attractions. Canopy, Kayak, waterfalls and quad bikes had been added to the adventure options.

It has been a transition for the park and Mario Rojas. Executive Director of the park, explained that locals still remember it as “Africa Mia” and visit with the expectation of seeing animals. People are surprised by the additional activities.

During a visit to the park a New York family shared their experience at the Ponderosa Adventure Park. They began an early morning with canopy, got to enjoy the safari tour and as a family got to ride on ATVs. According to the father, Michael Reynolds, They truly enjoyed every moment.

For those first-timers at the adventure attraction the setting of the sun means and end to their day, but for the park it just means a moment to rest as other visitors anxiously prepare for the following morning to experience Ponderosa Adventure Park.

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By Brenda Sotelo

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