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Pollution in Costa Rica Rivers Cause Problems During Rainy Season

Costa Rica News – You would think that this problem might be addressed before it was a problem, but being reactive is what what most governments are known for.

The rainy season is here and this is making the obstructions in the rivers and streams in San Jose and Alajuela more apparent. The garbage obstructs and impedes the normal flow of water.

Photo By Alonso Tenorio

Photo By Alonso Tenorio

The pollution includes bags, bottles, clothing, garbage and pieces of appliances. It leads to floods and overruns that affect nature, people and houses in the Greater Metropolitan Area.

15 people had to be evacuated from their homes on October 27, 2015 because of the floods. 40 homes were reported to be affected at that time in a San Jose neighborhood, Barrio Lujan.

During the first months of the year only one cleaning was necessary but with rain waters increasing more will be needed as will be efforts to strengthen the cultural awareness of the problem.

The National Emergency Commission has alerted municipalities to the risks. It is up to the mayors and citizens to comply with suggested measures.

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