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Polluting is Just Part of the Costa Rican Culture

Costa Rica News – While the beauty and tradition of the Festival de Luz (Festival of Lights) in Costa Rica is picked up my media outlets around the country, the aftermath was not a pretty.

Unfortunately polluting is just part of the culture in Costa Rica.  Many Costa Ricans believe it is normal to expect someone to come pick up behind them.

The photos below posted from the Policías de Costa Rica facebook page shows the Costa Rican culture that includes the throwing of trash in the street, trash that ends up in the sewers, resulting in flooding when it rains, costing tax payers for the clean up, among other consequences.

This is quite normal both in San Jose after an event or after a long weekend at the many of the beaches in Costa Rica.

What is the solution?

costa rica pollution 3

costa rica pollution 1

costa rica pollution

costa rica pollution 3


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