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Police Investigate Abandoned Boat in Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica News – When a boat is found without a captain or crew then there might be a problem. 

abandoned boat costa ricaA speedboat with two outboard engines and loaded with empty bins  ran aground in Playa Hermosa Jacó, Garabito, Saturday at 3 am and the crew quickly escaped into the undergrowth near the beach.

Soon after it ran aground the police patrolling beach received information that several suspicious were hailing a taxi in the area.

The police located and arrested four Ecuadorians and Costa Rican with wet clothes who were presumed to be aboard the abandoned boat.

The foreigners were transferred to the immigration office.

Saturday afternoon, the boat was extracted from the rocky beach area and moved overland to Caldera.

The police are investigating whether the four suspects were involved in any wrongdoing.

Once the Drug Control Police investigate the boat, the case will be reviewed and handed over to the prosecution,

If the engines are in good condition, the Coast Guard can use them for their own boats.

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