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Police Fight Rioters in Limon

Limon, Costa Rica –  Special operations carried out by security forces in the Caribbean province of Limon, which has prevented the disorder in the streets. Thursday night this was extremely important, when the area had a bad night which included several violent riots.

The police deployed forces in areas like Santa Rosa, Cieneguita and Los Cocos, stopping at least 22 rioters, between 9 pm and early morning hours. These rebels were involved with the burning of branches and sticks on the road as well as launching stones at the authorities.

The most serious riot occured in Los Cocos, where they found 9mm pistol bullets and a ‘Molotov cocktail’ that was not detonated. There were no injuries on site.

In other operatives they found burned tires and objects that burst vehicle tires. Officers quickly removed the debris found on the streets, so traffic was maintained at the normal pace.

All these incidents are isolated incidents of vandalism to the strike by members of the Union of Workers of Japdeva (Sintrajap), as expressed by its authorities.

Today at 5 pm the defender of the people, Ofelia Taitelbaum will meet in Limon with the dome of the Union. Ronaldo Blear, Sintrajap secretary, said that the defender expected to denounce the “arrogance of the Government before the strike.”

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