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Pole Fitness Comes to Costa Rica at the Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu

Costa Rica News – When Harmony Hoefner designed her Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu she wanted a studio that incorporated pole fitness with a yoga studio a “new fusion” concept.  She accomplished her vision which was to create a place to enhance your lifestyle through fun innovative fitness & yoga with the  most cutting edge techniques in the industry and brought it to life for people in Costa Rica.

Every girl I know complains about needing to exercise but not having the time or the willpower to do such a tedious task regularly. Luckily there is a new type of fitness out there that will make a workout session feel more like a girl’s night out. Every girl somehow finds time for girl’s night out – so try this out- fun pole fitness!

Pole fitness is of course a fun way to exercise. It is available to all levels. If you have never touched a pole before, feel overweight or out of shape, or even lack self confidence- just try a few classes. There are 25 moves that don’t involve you lifting yourself off of the floor. You will be doing tricks in no time!

Pole fitness combines muscle strength training with gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance. Practicing tricks and spins on the pole uses your own body resistance instead of lifting weights to strengthen your core muscles.

Instructors started out at a basic level once, so they understand your fears. Don’t worry about your age, shape, or ability. Come with a mindset to enjoy a fun social environment. Your self esteem will take care of itself in just a few minutes of seeing how much fun this girl time (I mean workout) can be. You will leave with fewer calories and more toned muscles as well as increased flexibility and a few new friends.

The Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu offers many other fitness and yoga activities.  Each offering at the studio compliments and balances each other to bring together a incredible fitness atmosphere for all ages and all lifestyles. They also have private pole parties, bachelorette Parties, and birthday parties available.

Flying Fitness Studio offers Unnata Aerial yoga, Pole Fitness, TRX training, The Bar Workout, Dance, Thai Massage and Customized Fitness Plans.

Enjoy your first class for free to try them out.

Flying Fitness Studio Facebook Page –

Address – Plaza Florencia, 10203 Escazú, Costa Rica
Phone – 87064388 cell, 22894960 studio
Email – [email protected]

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