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Poas Volcano Businesses in Costa Rica On the Decline

Costa Rica News – Businesses near the Poas Volcano have reported a drop of 71% in sales.

This info comes from a study of 21 businesses in the area. They reported sales between mid-April and mid-May, and compared that to what they sold before.

The report was part of a study by the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, which sought to measure the economic and social impact of the closure of the Poas Volcano national Park for the businesses in the surrounding areas.

The change is because the National Emergency Commission closed access to the national park.

The reason behind the closure was because of the potential danger to visitors due to eruptions in recent months.

The study found the average entrepreneur in the area is 46 years of age, with a family of four, over 33 years living in the area and 12 years of owning the business.

16% can no longer cope with the crisis and 68% of companies could not stand another month in the situation.

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