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Pleasure Comes to Schools as a Subject of Sex Education in CR

There are pleasures of playing sports, of having friends and of eating well, but there is also the pleasure that is felt in certain areas of the body, including genitals. This will be the subject of a sex-ed class for students in seventh, eighth and ninth grade, starting next year . So instead of warning them about teenage pregnancy the schools are going to be teaching them it feels good, lol.

Students also spend time in the classroom to discuss the formation of identity, ranging from not being influenced by others when making decisions to feel attractive and have high self-esteem.

Those issues addressed in the weekly class 40 minutes of the Effective Education and Comprehensive Sexuality, who taught science teachers and counselors.

“The program emphasizes the importance and value of pleasure as a source of welfare, which implies the ability to enjoy all parts of the body and different sensations during the course of his life.

“It promotes the experience of intercourse. Rather, it seeks to generate discussion on why incite the constraints and decisions that may be pressing the start of these, “says the document.

The new programs of study, of 99 pages and approved by the Higher Education Council, also give priority to issues of power, for teens identify when a dating relationship or friendship becomes an unhealthy attachment.

In addition, the boys learn to recognize the cycle of violence in a relationship, and especially not to engage in practices that harm your partner.

Representatives of the Catholic Church and evangelical express doubts about the contents of the new plans.

Resources. The lessons are not lectures, but will rely on other resources such as puzzles, music, games, theater, movies or discussions on specific facts. The classes also discuss human rights.

Among the issues to be addressed in this chapter, are aware of the diverse sexual orientations and respect the people who think and act differently.

The other items included in the program are interpersonal relationships, gender, psychosexual identity and reproductive health.

That is why we learn the proper use of condoms is also part of the new objectives and myths related to the experience of desire and pleasure ways to meet.

Leonardo Garnier, Minister of Education, defended the approach to be given to issues of sexuality.

“To me what I like is that students enjoy more these teens, they do not feel so inadequate.

“That the relations of friendship and group membership do that adolescence is the time in which the children will build their identity,” he said.

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