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Playas del Coco Increased Development

Costa Rica News – Supermarket and shopping center wars have taken over San Jose, Costa Rica, years ago. Now they have hit areas as far away as Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. The beach town has had tons of commercial growth in the last couple of years, and is about to get a luxurious marina to top it off.

playas del coco developmentTourists, surfers, families, and sportsfishermen are already attracted to the area. With so many visitors annually, new shopping plazas, banks, and businesses are opening up everyday.

A recent report in El Financiero showed a landowner in the area creating a thousand square meters of commercial space, including five buildings with mezzanines that are 25 square meters in size. In the largest building we will see Banco Popular, a big bank that offers deposit insurance backed by the government. The project, called Plaza Nino, required a $700,000 investment.

This man will soon have competition. The group that developed the area around the airport in Liberia are getting permits for a strip mall in the same area. Similarly, Grupo Luperon was the sole supermarket in Playas del Coco, but now, Auto Mercado is moving in with gourmet options.

It seems travelers and those who come to house hunt don’t mind paying extra to fly into Liberia and head down to Playas del Coco, skipping San Jose. The area is amazing. There’s a nearby water park that has a wave pool, mini golf, and scuba diving. There’s a rumor that the country’s second Hard Rock Cafe might open in Playas del Coco. Commercial zoning and condo development are in the works for the area. If you are looking to buy a home or start a business in this town, get in before the prices hit the roof.

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