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Plasma Power in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has produced energy by executing a shot of plasma.

plasma power costa ricaA single gram of this type of energy will be enough to power 80 homes for an entire month.

The device was developed by the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

It took six years of research to get to this point plus a $500,000 investment.

The Institute, which is based in Cartago, staged an unprecedented scientific event, performing the first plasma discharge at a high temperature using a stellarator.

Plasma is achieved at extremely high temperatures. It is the fourth state of matter. It is soupy and has ions and electrons. This state of matter can be used as a source of clean energy. It doesn’t harm the environment.

The device reproduced the energy produced in stars through fusion. Gravity and high temperatures allow the nuclei of atoms to fuse together and release energy.

Costa Rica is the sixth country in the world to develop such a device.

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