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Planning on Surfing the Waves of Costa Rica? There’s An App for That

Costa Rica Weather & Surfing – There’s a new app specifically made for people planning of hanging ten in Costa Rica or if you just be safe near the oceans of the land of “Pura Vida”.

costa rica tides and surfingThis product will let us know the state of the ocean on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, as well as around Cocos Island.

The app is updated Mondays and  Thursdays.

There’s a help section where you can find out all about how to use the application. The app provides information such as wave height, direction and duration, tides, temperature, currents from Mexico to Colombia, weather and potential threats.

The app is useful for various purposes Those who live near the coasts or plan to visit can know what weather conditions to expect, where dangerous tides will be, and where the best waves to surf are.

We have the Oceanographic Module Information Research Center at the University of Costa Rica to thank for this awesome product.

You can follow these links to get the app for Android or iOS:

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