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Plane that Crashed in Puntarenas, Donated to Community

San Jose, Costa Rica – A small plane that made ​​an emergency landing Tuesday in El Cocal in Puntarenas was donated to the community. The owner, an American, gave it to the Development Association of Fray Casiano neighborhood.

Today, members of this group dismantled and cut the aircraft. They explained that the parts will be sold and the money raised will improve the clinic and the police station in that area.

“It was nice gesture from the owner, as being very valuable attempt to sell it for parts and make the most of the crash. We will sell the aluminum and the critical engine parts. We hope to get an amount of about ¢ 20 million and invest this money in the community, “said Ericka Barrantes, president of the association.

The aircraft, Cessna 421 registration N-4578L, departed Tuesday afternoon from Liberia, Guanacaste, towards the Tobias Bolaños Airport, Pavas, San Jose.

The American pilot, Ronald Ray Jarmon, reported damage to navigation equipment and had to land immediately in an area  in Puntarenas.

Today, he and his passenger, a student identified as Alejandro Borja Bousano, traveled to America to meet with the owner of the aircraft.

“They are grateful to all who gave us their support as the Red Cross, forces and locals,” Borja said before leaving.

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