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Plan on Flying Drones in Costa Rica? Know the Regulations

Costa Rica News – Nelson Maties is the official voice of Aibotix in Costa Rica. He’s been having meetings with Civil Aviation in order to make regulations regarding Drones in Costa Rican airspace.

costa rica dronesThe proposal is ready to be signed and they expect that to happen in the next few months.

The country will have modern, safe legislation under which no one will be able to operate a drone within 30 meters of people or buildings or higher than 120 meters without authorization.

In order to get a permit, a lot of details must be considered and all the precautions must be taken.

This includes being in communication with the control towers at all times after obtaining an official permit from the governmental entity in charge. All the equipment must be tested and certified. The pilot must be certified as well.

The law is meant to protect safety and privacy. Accidents can easily happen if the rules are not followed.

If someone breaks these new parameters he or she will be sanctioned according to the new law.

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