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Plague of Rats Causes Leptospirosis in Grecia

The invasion into the urban areas of Grecia by rats and cases of leptospirosis has occurred, acknowledged the authorities  the Ministry of Health. Rodents are coming to places where other shops are concentrated, especially sodas and restaurants.

Leda said Ramirez, medical director of the Department of Health of Grecia, a diagnosis was made in the canton.

That study indicated that one of the health problems is the growing infestation of rats in the central district, where ever there was a similar situation.

“Last year we had cases of leptospirosis (cause symptoms like high fever, pain in joints and eyes) caused by urine of rats in products, food or containers after people use or consume. And although there is no effective treatment, if not detected early, can be fatal, “said Ramirez.

The Ministry of Health, the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) and the Municipality of Greece try to educate the public to address the problem of rats.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    You have seen nothing compared to the central market, Bourbon market area also known as the “”Red Zone”. The infestation of rats and I saw a white one as well come out at dusk and all night to feed. I have not been buy much downtown area especial food fruit and I wash everything very very well. I wish Costa Rica health minister would declare war on the rats four legged kind and the 2 legged. .

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